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Peter Larsen schrieb:
Martin Haverland wrote:

Haha, i guess they have other problems in russia and china than
fighting piracy.

No, it is prolly also run by their mafia.

OK, agreed.
Question is, *who* is the mafia in Russia? Some people swear the top
mafia boss leads the country as a president.*If* this is true there will
be no sincere efforts be done to fight against piracy...wait, i guess
that is what happens today, right?....

This is most certainly true for every country where a physical doctor
has a monthly salary that is less than a brand new original dvd costs
around here. Also, there is no loss for the industry involved. Poor
people do not buy expensive media. They buy food and their essential
life assets.

The pirates sell to us, not to them.

Have you ever been on a russian fleamarket?
They sell to everyone. At lower prices. It brings money into the
country. This is actually a positive effect for their economy (but for
sure not for their reputation).

Ignoring piracy in these countries is like an investment in future

No, it is like ignoring organized crime in any context.

I think it's both.
In fact the western media industries do not have a choice really.

In a few years, maybe one or two decades, their lifestyle will equal
ours. (Means: our standards will go down, their standards will raise)

Do not bet on this, mobsters do not "do" trickle down, they "do" hoarding.

I was speaking in terms of overall wealth, not how it's spreaded to the
people inside the society of a country. One thing is for su In times
of globalization, our western standards will be lowered substantially
due to changes of global resource management and ecoomical necessities.
Especially china and russia are no longer inferior in regard to
technology or industry or educated manpower. Even the US economy is
unable to survive without the business relationships to china, their
former ultimate archenemy....these are trends that can not be ignored.

Kind regards

Peter Larsen

Kind regards,
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