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Lots Of Great Tubes For Sale

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Old April 14th 04, 02:22 PM
Jim McShane
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Default Lots Of Great Tubes For Sale

Check these out:

SALE TUBES! On sale until 4/30/04:

KT-66 China brown base, nice coke bottle glass
and great sound! $19.50 each, $41.50/pair.

(About 10-12 pieces) 5Y3GT Russian made tubes,
many different names on the bottle, but all Russian,
and all good quality new general repair tubes. Stock
up, these are good tubes! Only $3.50 ea. or 2/$5.50!

(14) 6V6EH Electro-Harmonix tubes. A rugged, good
sounding, and affordable 6V6 type, these tubes need a
good home - NOW! New in the box, on sale for $5.00
ea. for singles, $16.00/pair.

(30+) 6922 Philips JAN, nice quality tubes, NOS/ in
JAN boxes in stock, $4.50 ea.


Now In Stock - 6SN7EH Electro-Harmonix. This
tube offers great value for the money. A combination of
pleasing sonics and a great low price make this tube a
winner! Only $10.50 ea.

Now In Stock - 6922EH Electro-Harmonix tubes. This
tube offers very low noise and microphonics, with the
best durability of any of the 6922 types out there today.
And yes, a number of my customers say they like the sound
too! Only $10.75 ea. single, $24.00 for gain matched pairs,
and $28.50 for pairs of gain matched tubes with balanced
cathode sections.

(1) JAN 5814 Raytheon grey plate w/windmill getter!,
NOS in white box, tests brand new! $22.50.

(2) 12AU7 Mullard long plates - (1) Mullard branded
with the square getter with bars across it, date coded B6H.
This tube is used but tests 90% or better of new and has
excellent (but crooked) print. $45.00. The second tube is
branded Heath, is date coded B8E, and tests/looks new.
White boxed, $65.00.

(2) 6085/E80CC Amperex PQ, orange print, NOS/NIB.
Both tubes have gold pins, but on one tube the gold pin
plating has partially come off, possibly due to moist
conditions. It has NO effect on the tube operation at all,
both test brand new (as they should!). Rare tubes, nice
price, $42.50 ea.

(5) 6211, one used RCA for $4.00, one Gm matched
pair of ANOS GE 5-Star for $14.50, two single GE
5-Star ANOS for $6.50 ea.

(9) 41 tubes, most are Sylvania Canada. This is the 6
pin version of the 6K6, should be a fun tube for
experiments and DIY amps. All NOS/NIB, neat ST
"coke" bottles. $12.00 ea., 3 or more for $11.50 ea.

(4) EF86 Amperex Holland, branded GE, Rogers,
Philips, NOS/NIB, $33.50 ea.

(4) 6084/E80F Amperex, all are NOS/NIB. There is
one Gm matched pair of PQ orange labels for $49.50/pr.
There is one single PQ orange label, and one single
white label, the internals look identical, they are $24.50

(1) EZ81/6CA4 Mullard, NOS/NIB, branded Rogers,
O-getter, nice! $24.50.

(1) GZ34 Mullard, NOS in a white box, branded RCA
Canada, $84.50.

(2) 12AX7/ECC83, branded Amperex, ITT, & Sylvania
but really Japanese made. Excellent 12AX7s! $18.50 ea.

(1) JTL-12AX7 Tung-Sol, late 1950s production, grey
plate w/square getter, NOS in it's military box, $52.50

(1) 12AU7 Tung-Sol branded DuMont, D-getter, very
low microphonics, "ANOS", $29.50.

(1) 6L6G RCA, NOS in a white box, very nice grey
glass tube, $29.50.

(4) 6JB6A, 3 RCA, one GE branded Zenith, new in the
original boxes, $19.50 ea.

(10) 6JE6C/6LQ6 various US made, all new tubes,
$38.50 ea. Many excellent used on hand for $16.50 ea.

(1) 6JS6A RCA, may be new but ??, $24.50

(4) 6JS6C, 2 Sylvania & 2 GE, all but 1 GE are new,
may be branded Zenith, some white boxed, $42.50 ea.,
$36.50 for the very low time GE.

(1) 6JS6C Japan made, used tests good, $18.50

(1) 6LR6 GE, new, $34.50

(10) 6U5/6G5 RCA branded Canadian Marconi, new
"magic eye" tubes that have been reboxed after removal
from el-cheapo Canadian military packaging that left
adhesive residue on the glass. Grab 'em while you can
for $29.50 ea. A few of these new tubes that have lower
brightness than normal are available for only $11.50 each.

(1) 6V6G GE, grey glass coke bottle tube, almost new,
tests like a new tube, $16.50

(9) 12BH7A GE, Sylvania, Japan made, may be in white
boxes, $16.50 ea.

(7) 12BH7A RCA branded Rogers Canada, grey plate,
round getter, NOS/NIB, nice tubes! $21.50 ea.

(4) 12BH7A RCA, new testing tubes, call them "almost"
new, white boxed, really good tubes, $19.50 ea.

(2) 20LF6, NOS/NIB branded RCA, one Sylvania made
& one says "made in Great Britain" - could be Amperex
but ??, rare tubes for sure, $52.50 ea.

(2) 808 RCA, US Navy designated, these appear to be
brand new tubes, they have been reboxed some years
ago. Very cool looking globe power triodes, rare stuff.
Only $89.50 ea.

(1) 810 GE Canada, cool 125 watt rated power triode,
NOS/NIB, $119.50

(1) 811A, branded GE Canada but really an RCA copy
made in Russia by Svetlana! NOS/NIB, $24.50

(1) 811A/VT-217 Sylvania, brown base, beautiful tube,
white boxed, almost certainly brand new, $40.00

(1) 813 RCA, NOS/NIB, the box is beat up but the tube
is great! $65.00.

(1) 828 RCA, NOS/NIB, rare! $69.50

(1) 7027A RCA, new in the original box!, tall bottle,
very nice tube, $47.50

(9) 7199 RCA, one branded GE, NIB, some in distributor
boxes, $32.95 ea.

(3) 7586 RCA, two JAN boxed, one in a Tektronix
box, NOS, $27.50 ea.

(2) GL-8005 GE, NOS in white boxes. These are rare
and scarce, so if you need 8005s , grab these now!
Important! One of these tubes has a piece of metallic
looking material loose inside it. It appears to have been
left in the tube when it was made, as nothing is broken
inside that I can find. Normally a piece of metal in a tube
is trouble, but because of the size of this piece and the
fact that the glass "press" covers the base leads the metal
piece is only a problem if it somehow lodges inside the
plate structure which is extremely unlikely. So you can
use the tube with complete confidence as long as you
use it upright, in a vertical position. Both tubes test
and if you aren't satisfied upon receipt I'll refund your
purchase! $109.50 ea., or both for $210.00

(1) 45 ST bottle labeled Wizard, probably Sylvania made,
probably a low hour used tube. It tests very good, with a
good getter too. White boxed, $39.50.

(1) 45 RCA, ST bottle, nice looking used tube, tests good,
small amount of loose material in the tube, a nice tube
for an old radio restoration, $15.00

(1) 56 RCA, NOS/NIB, ST bottle, hard to find! $11.50


Now! Tubes For $1.00 or Less!

Check out these great bargains:
(Many) good used RF tubes-6BE6, 12BE6, 12BA6,
6AV6, 12AV6, 6AL5, various brands, tested. Stock up
now!! $.75 ea., or 3/$2.00.

6AQ5 USA brands, used, u-clean 'em/test 'em, $0.75 ea.

6AU6/A, many very good used, tested, $1.00 ea.,
or 10/$7.00.

(11) 6BA6 Russian tubes, new, various labels, untested,
$1.00 ea.

(25) 6CB6/6CF6 various NOS brands, untested,
$0.75 ea, or 5 for $3.50

(many) 6J6/A, 7 pin twin triode with a common cathode,
mu of 38, untested, $0.50 ea.

Check my site for many more tubes. Drop me an email
if you have any questions.


Jim McShane
Need Tubes? Got a H-K Citation (Pre) Amp?
Check http://pages.prodigy.net/jimmcshane
Repro knobs for Citation gear in stock!


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