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LAME conversion to MP3

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Old February 24th 20, 11:58 AM posted to rec.audio.pro
Mike Rivers[_2_]
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Default LAME conversion to MP3

On 2/23/2020 10:54 PM, wrote:

> To the human ear, the MP3 sounds every bit as clear as the WAV file. I seriously doubt anyone would be able to reliably distinguish between the two.

I would describe it as the MP3 sounds just as unintelligible as the WAV
file. If this recording was made in a controlled situation, it needs
better mic placement. Since apparently the situation is uncontrolled,
what it needs is a good forensic scrubbing with the proper tools and

Then, the high bit rate MP3 file and WAV file would be equally
intelligible. And if it was a well crafted and well recorded song, the
two file formats would be indistinguishable to most listeners.

For a good time, call
Old February 24th 20, 12:11 PM posted to rec.audio.pro,uk.rec.audio
Phil W
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Default LAME conversion to MP3

2020-02-23 / 20:25 lid spammed once again:
> On Sun, 23 Feb 2020 11:09:41 +1300, geoff >
> wrote:
>> On 23/02/2020 6:45 am,
lid wrote:
>>> I am looking for one or two more opinions as to whether the source WAV
>>> file and destination MP3 file are similar to the ear. You might try
>>> listening through earphones, for better clarity.
>>> Sorry to keep harping on about this, but I am trying to obtain
>>> re-assurance that the conversion to MP3 gives a file which is
>>> effectively the same to the ear as the source WAV.

>> For **** sake ! The files are effectively the same.

> Thank you for confirming my opinion, that the source WAV and target
> MP3 sound exactly the same to my untrained ear.
> Regarding the conversion parameters. When I use Total Recorder to open
> the WAV file, and save to MP3, the parameters of the created MP3 file
> are obtained from the parameters of the WAV file. So if the source WAV
> has sample rate 48 KHz and bit rate 192 Kbps, the default for the
> created MP3 file will also be sample rate 48 KHz and bit rate 192
> Kbps.

A small amount of logical thinking might lead to the following:
if the SOURCE file was encoded with 192 kbps, then decoded and encoded a
second time, why shouldnĀ“t you try to keep conversion artifacts to the
least possible minimum???
So, just like I suggested already several times and you still keep ignoring:
go for the highest possible MP3 bitrate (= 320 kbps CBR) for the least
amount of audio quality loss. Yes, it might be more than necessary, but
there is nood to worry, that it might have come out better. Yes, the
resulting MP3 file gets bigger with higher bitrate. BUT with such a tiny
source WAV, the resulting MP3 will still be tiny enough to embed it on a

Can it be so complicated to understand this???
Old February 24th 20, 12:11 PM posted to rec.audio.pro
[email protected]
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Default LAME conversion to MP3

Mike Rivers wrote:

>It needs better mic placement

Any mic placement is better than what aounds like banging around
in someone's pants pocket, or inside a book bag!
Old February 24th 20, 01:04 PM posted to rec.audio.pro
[email protected]
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Default LAME conversion to MP3

John Williamson:

But this sounds like recorded evidence of something. To be used
in a legal matter.

Although, the pocket DAT audio recorded by a patron inside that
RI nightclub seventeen years ago was much clearer - perhaps too
clear, if you know what I mean. The tape - and DAT deck with
scorched exterior - were found in its deceased owners closet several
years later, was transferred by forensics to a functioning cassette,
and was used at the victim settlement trials. Very little of it was made

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