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HDMI (cable?) Noise PROOF (second youtube video)

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Old December 14th 18, 03:35 PM posted to rec.audio.pro
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Default HDMI (cable?) Noise PROOF (second youtube video)

In this second video I explore the HDMI (cable?) noise by cranking up the volume to max on the denon 1909 receiver.

As far as I am concerned this is now HARD CORE/100% EVIDENCE that something might be a-miss with HDMI cables and HDMI specification.

What casts doubt on this is "coffee spill" on denon receiver.

Therefore I will need YOU to repeat this experiment and let me know your findings.


In this video I tried all kinds of things:

1. Muting the volume on both computers.

2. Finally I decided to unplug the HDMI cable from laptop and it's immediately apperent that the noise is coming/related from the HDMI cable.

3. I then remove it from laptop and reconnect it to PC and the same happens.

4. Whats even more astounding is that when I move the mouse or switching pictures of the receiver on the web... I can actually hear my computer "processing" and I can hear the voltage fluctuations on the speakers.

When HDMI cable is disconnected and the receiver is switched to Analog/creative x-fi soundblaster these voltages fluctuations go almost entirely away, 99%.

So this proves the x-fi soundblaster and analog signal is voltage-wise much safer and cleaner and stable.

The HDMI cable/signal is WEIRD/dangerous ! Some kind of voltage is going over it ?!

Maybe a signal from ground wire from chasis, no idea where it is exactly coming from, electrical experts will have to figure this out.

So there are now some possibilities:

1. Either the HDMI cable is flawed.

2. The HDMI specification/standard/technology is flawed/voltage-wise unsafe.

3. The denon receiver coffee spill has something to do with it, however this is very unlikely since the spill is no where near the HDMI chips.

So because my equipment is not "pure coffee" so to speak, I cannot rule it out completely, point 3.

So this is where you guys can come in.





To hear the noise on the youtube video set your volume/speakers to max and you will at least hear it when I kept the camera close to the speakers.

I wish I had done this more often during the experimenting when I pulled the plugs... because when I did some the camera was far away and maybe the camera didn't pick up on it.... but I am telling you the thruth though....

Otherwise if the video does not 100% proof it I will have to make a third video... proving that what I just told you is the thruth.

I can hear my PC process information over the HDMI channel.

As far as I am concerned this could be an indication of a very dangerous/serious problem... this should not be happening as far as I am concerned... the analog seems much safer.

Love to hear your thoughts and oppinions on this and especially experiments and maybe even voltage measurements if you are capable of doing so ?!

Bye for now,
Old December 14th 18, 03:56 PM posted to rec.audio.pro
John Williamson
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Default HDMI (cable?) Noise PROOF (second youtube video)

On 14/12/2018 15:35, wrote:
< A load of twaddle, linking to a useless video, due to the amount and
volume of commentary obscuring the sound of the problem.>

<Connects TV to laptop via HDMI, using a displayport adaptor>

Absolute silence from TV speakers, even with all volume controls set to
maximum. No noise is being generated by the HDMI connection, in spite of
(Or possibly because of) neither item having a safety earth connected,
as they are double insulated, and the audio signal on HDMI is digital
anyway, so ground loops can't affect it at that point. There is a tiny
leakage current that can be felt on exposed metal parts of the laptop.

Your problem is somewhere in the analogue domain in your system. Check
for earth loops, and bad earths. You need a single earthing point for
all audio signals, and looking at the mess of spaghetti connecting stuff
together in your video, you do not have this. Tidy up the wiring, paying
particular attention to signal earth connections. Try disconnecting the
analogue path while using the HDMI path, and vice versa, as the HDMI and
analogue cable earth connections (Including any screening) may be
completing an earth loop. Check also the earthing scheme inside your PC,
as PC sound cards are notoriously hard to screen from the video and
logic signals, and you say you can hear interference when you move the
mouse. Try a USB sound interface, mounted outside the case.

Use balanced analogue audio connections if possible, as single ended
ones are prone to this sort of problem.

Tciao for Now!

Old December 14th 18, 05:24 PM posted to rec.audio.pro
Scott Dorsey
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Default HDMI (cable?) Noise PROOF (second youtube video)

> wrote:
>In this second video I explore the HDMI (cable?) noise by cranking up the volume to max on the denon 1909 receiver.
>As far as I am concerned this is now HARD CORE/100% EVIDENCE that something might be a-miss with HDMI cables and HDMI specification.

You have a ground loop.

"C'est un Nagra. C'est suisse, et tres, tres precis."

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