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Windows Media Player .mp2 files time readout

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Old September 14th 18, 03:22 PM posted to rec.audio.pro
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Default Windows Media Player .mp2 files time readout

In message >,
>maybe the best thing you could do to help him is find a way for him to
>update to record to mp3 instead of mp2 ....or convert the files he has
>to mp3.

The native format of the off-air DAB audio is .mp2. He is capturing
these files digitally, so any conversion to another lossy file format
would reduce the audio quality.


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Old September 16th 18, 01:32 AM posted to rec.audio.pro
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Default Windows Media Player .mp2 files time readout

Wow. I remember MP2 before MP3 during the mid 90s. I never knew it was
from radio stations from your post and
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MPEG-1_Audio_Layer_II article.

Bill > wrote:
> I can't easily test this myself, so I wondered it anyone here knows the
> answer.
> I've been asked why, when using Windows Media Player in Windows 7 to
> play wave and mp3 files, he sees and can select a countdown timer at the
> bottom of the screen. However, when playing mp2 files, the countdown
> timer doesn't work.
> I understand that the mp2 files are of radio programmes captured
> digitally from DAB broadcasts.

> He thinks, but can't be certain, that it used to countdown under XP.

> I wonder whether "Classic Media Player" or something else would show
> this, but I can't instantly find any .mp2 files here to test with..

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Old September 25th 18, 03:35 AM posted to rec.audio.pro
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Default Windows Media Player .mp2 files time readout

On 14/09/2018 9:11 PM, Bill wrote:
> In message >, geoff
> > writes
>> On 14/09/2018 11:31 AM, Bill wrote:
>>> *This was well before Audacity, Reaper or any of those appeared. Cool
>>> Edit was the favoured editor then and the version of Audition that I
>>> use still doesn't do .mp2.

>> Audacity could do it even ay back in 2004 from what I can find, but
>> surely most pro broadcasting outfits would have been using something
>> more like SoundForge or WaveLab back then, rather than CoolEdit or
>> Audacity ?

> Hmmm, our fairly low cost systems were being used by some major
> broadcasters and colleges. We actively installed and marketed them from
> 1995 until 2005.
> During this period we moved from Windows 3.11 to W95, W98 and 2000.
> When I first evaluated audio editors, Cool Edit came out by far the
> best. The main rivals (can't remember the names -old age) were the one
> written in machine code that didn't handle overflow of its maths, and
> the Canadian one.
> I don't think any of the editors in 1995 handled .mp2, but could well be
> wrong.

Couldn't be sure about the MP2 side, but surely SoundForge and WaveLab
made Cool Edit (even when it became Pro) relatively like a toy back then ?


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