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Will home recording kill commercial studios?

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Old December 20th 20, 05:58 AM posted to rec.audio.pro
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Default Will home recording kill commercial studios?

On 20/12/2020 3:23 pm, Mike Rivers wrote:
> On 12/19/2020 6:54 PM, geoff wrote:
>> I have a Mackie Control which I could (and have) used in conjunction
>> with DAW software (Vegas Pro, Acid Pro, Reaper, etc), but nowadays
>> find that I more often just use envelopes and mouse on timelines to
>> mix down. Though the MCU can be used to generate those envelopes in
>> real-time.

> I don't have the patience to manipulate volume and pan envelopes with a
> mouse. That's why I like using a console. Pans, at least for the work I
> do, are static - I can set those and they stay in one place throughout
> the song. But with volume, I play with that like playing an instrument.
> If something's too quiet, I just ease the fader up until it sounds
> right. And if I'm not quick enough, I'll do it again and get it right
> the second time. But I don't know by how many dB I've changed the level.
> With a volume envelope, you draw what you think is right, then listen to
> it to see if it's what you want.

With the software I use made a node and drag it up and down like a
fader. or 2 nodes and drag the line between them up and down. Yeah pan
stays constant, with occasional exceptions.
> I've thought about using something iike the Mackie MCU but I'm not
> enough of a horse trader to buy one,(if you can find them any more), see
> if I like it, and if I don't, then sell it. PreSonus makes a couple now
> - actually three - one with one fader that they've had out for at least
> 10 years, one with four faders, and one with eight. They're kind of
> expensive, though, but since they don't pass any audio, they're a lot
> cheaper than a console.

Behringer do one too - prolly much cheaper.
>> I wonderĀ* what is being used on consoles for analogue (or external
>> digital) mixdowns - EQ, Level, pan, preset or interactive. Or mainly
>> just level.

> I'm not sure I understand that question. Do you mean how are console
> moves stored and played back through the console?

Stored as preset scenes, manually tweaked up and down for the mix-down,
or stored as flying-faders (and presumably tweaked/recorded per pass too) ?


Old December 20th 20, 02:58 PM posted to rec.audio.pro
Ty Ford[_2_]
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Default Will home recording kill commercial studios?

Pro Tools has this function that allows you to select a section of audio with your cursor and then raise or lower its level. It's very handy for studio mixing. The fader is on the lower left corner of the section you have created. In many cases I can hit play and just by seeing the waveform know that a section needs to be louder or softer. No Envelopes Required....although I do use them sometimes as well. I haven't found that feature in Logic yet.

Old January 1st 21, 04:42 PM posted to rec.audio.pro
DarseZ Szabo
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Default Will home recording kill commercial studios?

There are degrees of niche-ness, an industry can become comparatively
niche without having to go to the extreme of typewriter repair.

Large full serve studios will continue to exist for specific purposes,
like large film sound stages. But they simply don't exist to the degree
they used to, either for clients or as places of employment.

On 2020-12-08 11:43 p.m., James Price wrote:
> On Tuesday, December 8, 2020 at 8:18:36 PM UTC-6, Scott Dorsey wrote:
>> James Price wrote:
>>> Do you think the rise of home studios will eventually offset
>>> demand for professional recording services to the point that
>>> running a commercial studio won't be a viable career path?

>> That happened some time in the mid-nineties. Did you miss it?

> If it were no longer a viable career path, recording studios would
> occupy a niche market on par with typewriter repair.


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