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R.I.P. Dick Clark

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Old April 27th 12, 11:18 PM posted to rec.audio.pro
Richard Webb[_3_]
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Default R.I.P. Dick Clark

On Fri 2012-Apr-27 12:41, Scott Dorsey writes:
> I think it becomes much more of a problem for large public
> corporations because there's so much isolation between the top and
> the bottom of the chain of management. I've seen a lot of corporate
> managers who really have no clue what the actual business of the
> corporation really is, and they do what they think is best, which
> usually means what gets short term profits because that's what
> shareholders demand. In that case the shareholders are as much to
> blame as anyone, but I am kind of shocked to look at the power
> company which doesn't have anyone on the board with an EE degree,
> just a lot of accountants and lawyers. No wonder they fell for the
> BPL hoax... they didn't know any better....

Oh yeah, to the detriment of hf communicators everywhere
among one thing. But, imho that's one reason the music
industry also suffers from its many ills. Too many lawyers
and accountants who don't understand the core business.
Lawyers and accountants are necessary evils, but they wield
way too much power in a lot of these companies. Then look
at our fcc, all these corporate lawyers, and suddenly lo and behold they realize they don't have enough engineering
expertise <g>. The only reason the power companies could
buy into the bpl hoax was that the lawyers at fcc didn't
know the difference either.

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Old April 29th 12, 03:43 AM posted to rec.audio.pro
Roy W. Rising[_2_]
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Default R.I.P. Dick Clark

Again, I'm sorry I pushed this thread off the rails (4-24-12). Here is
something I wish we'd noticed/known much sooner. From the N.Y. Times
obituary, 4-18-12:

"In late 1959, with the [Payola] hearings pending, ABC insisted that
Mr. Clark divest himself of all his record-related businesses, which he

'nuff said?

Dick was one-of-kind. I've worked with few other Producers who shared
many of his traits. Requiring "professional performance from well-paid
employees"* might be one that led to some well-known outbursts.

Nonetheless, Dick's "Pop Music" gene was unique. What ever he did, it was
through that lens, and the proof stands on its own. Why try, now, to flame
that? Please, let this rest.

Most amazing to me was his uncanny sense of, and familiarity with, the
length of a cut's lead-in. I think he had a bar-driven musical count-down
timer in his brain. I've never heard a D.J. who could intro dozens of
records for six shows ONCE EVERY SIX WEEKS and never step on a vocal or
leave any room.

I am pleased to have been there.

Quoting the original post from Jeff Henig:


* Let me know if you don't know what that is.

~ Roy
"If you notice the sound, it's wrong!"

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