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Default Identifying MB Quart models

> VERY underated vintage (1997) Rockford Fosgate Punch 225.2 (112.5 X 2 RMS,
> 550 watts RMS bridged It was built back in the day when Rockford Fosgate
> amps were bullet-proof.

I reread this and found it somewhat ironic. The term "bullet-proof" is
thrown around alot to denote quality, but in the current context, the irony
is that it is actually quite literal. The amp is encased in a very large
1/4-1/2" thick aluminum heat-sink housing making it heavier than hell and I
have absolutely NO DOUBT it would not be damaged if shot with any gun
smaller than a .44" magnum (or high-powered hunting riffle bullet). It
could take a 9 mm slug or .38" slug no problem, probably a standard .45"

Anyway, I found it funny that although that term is used all the time to
denote quality, there are almost no products that actually ARE. It is the
only amp of my 4 amps, all high-quality (Phoenix Gold, Alpine Class D, ect.)
that I actually would put through a bullet test and expect it to survive.

Just an observation, and something to consider when comparing the
construction of older amps vs. newer models. I doubt any of the new
Rockford Fosgate amps could take a bullet. Of course, amps are not designed
with the expectation they may take gunnfire (well, I guess in certain
neighborhoods perhaps that should be considered).

But just the same I found it ironic I used the term "bullet-proof" without
even thinking that it TRULY WAS.