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Default Identifying MB Quart models

No one else has responded so I figured I might as well throw in my two cents
since I have used MB Quart Seperates in the past (their Refference Pro line
some 10 years ago).

First, MB Quart DOES make a good speaker, they always have. But the simple
truth is that they are NOT the end-all-be-all speakers they were in the
90's. Not that their quality has suffered, but other manufactures like
Dynaudio, Morel, Polk, Focal, Diamond, Infinity, JL and even Alpine have
caught up and, IMHO, surpassed MB Quart in many areas. If you have not
listened to these other brands lately perhaps you should because they all
make OUTSTANDING seperates and you may find a set you like better that COST

I know that's not addressing your question, and perhaps you have done a
bunch of listening and feel MB Quart surpasses them all. In fact, the only
reason I add this editorial is because there once was a day when MB Quart
DID make the VERY BEST sounding seperates money could buy, again, IMHO, I
remember that period very well. If you are possibly shopping for speakers
for the first time in many years, you need to know this: the speaker
landscape has changed dramatically. I CURRENTLY use a set of Alpine Class
R 6.5" midbass drivers and a set of new Infinity Kappa tweeters for my
front-stage (I have used many different seperates over the years including
Infinity, Boston Accoustics Pro, Alpine, JL, MB Quart and others) and the
speakers I have now absolutely BLOW AWAY the $550 MB Quart Refference Pro
drivers I bought in 1999. And this is from a guy who 10-20 years ago swore
he would NEVER put Japaneese speakers in his car, because back then almost
all Japaneese speakers sounded like crap. But like everything else, things
change, and Alpine spent a ton of money developing truly high-end seperates
and some amazing subwoofers.

Now, back to your original question, though I can't give you a definative
answer like these are made in Germany and those are made in China, I CAN
tell you that just because something is made in China DOES NOT make it any
better or worse than if it were made in Germany. Do you labor under the
false belief that China is incapable of producing anything of quality? It
all boils down to good design first, state-of-the-art production facilities
and rigid quality control. And I can tell you China is full of factories
that make the highest quality products in countless industries.
Unfortunately, China get's a bad rap for also producing many low cost, low
quality knock-offs of various goods.

I guess what I'm saying is that where a product is made means NOTHING to me.
In fact, I have spent a good deal of time in China and Hong Kong and have a
house full of incredibly beautiful, lovingly made carvings, cloisenet(sp),
and other Chineese items of decoration. The Chineese people strike me as
industrious, hard-working, and have a true gift for DETAIL and

No, it TRULY boils down to the quality of design, the quality of the
production facilities, the quality of the raw materials used in production
and, most importantly, rigid quality control, NOT the country it came from.

Anyway, I know that's not what you were asking but your question seems to
suggest an implicit inferriority if made in China which is simply not the

I try to stay very tuned into this industry and listen to all the new
speakers that come out. My HONEST assesement regarding MB Quart is that
they ARE good, but overpriced compared to what other manufacturers are
offering these days. Now that's just one guy's opinion and I don't want to
offend MB Quart users or some such thing. But that's they way I see it
(well, hear it).

My $.02,


"DManzaluni" > wrote in message
> Various people are advertising MB Quart speakers on line saying that
> what they have are the german ones, not the chinese ones
> Does anyone know how to identify these? I tried buying some new ones
> but the distributor wont respond to questions. I am now wondering
> which german model was the five and a quarter inch low profile
> component speaker? (The current Maestro line may have one but they
> seem exceptionally expensive compared to what seems available on line
> and describing itself as German Production)