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On Thu, 22 Sep 2005 16:36:57 GMT, "Ricky Hunt" >

>"John" > wrote in message
>> Actually, in Nero, after you add the files that you want to burn and the
>> window displays the playback order, you simply click and drop it into the
>> position that you want it to play in.
>> John

>Most programs have a "sort by alphabetical" option. It sounds like he has
>that turned on.

That's not it. I've gone thru the Nero preferences and option settings
with a fine toothed comb but there does not appear to be any such
auto 'sort' option.
The only way to get the mp3 songs (or other files) into the order I
want is to preface the file names with a series of ascending numbers!
Donno how John is doing it......