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Default Anybody having same problems with Behringer mixers?

In article >, Trevor > wrote:
>None are terrible IME, BUT the number of users who have NO idea about
>gain staging IS a problem. :-(
>I'll bet the OP falls into that category.

Well, that's the nice thing about better consoles, you don't have to be so
careful about gain staging. On an old Neve, you just pot everything more
or less up in the right ballpark and it sounds fine. It's not like working
on a Mackie where you have to juggle the trims and the mains because the
trims change the tonality and you have to keep a constant eye on the buss
levels (and mute unused channels). On a good console you can spend your
time worrying about how the music sounds and less time babying the gain
structure on each strip.
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