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Default Anybody having same problems with Behringer mixers?

On 9/9/2018 11:57 AM, wrote:

> XR18 Air - TWO dead channels!

Have you contacted Behringer Tech Support? Anything can fail, and with
something as non-intuitive as a digital mixer, you could have a firmware
problem, or even undiscovered operator error.

There are three main reasons why you hear more about Behringer failures
than, say, API failures.

1. There are more Behringer mixers than API mixers so there are likely
to be more Behringers with failures.

2. Behringer owners are more likely to post their troubles on the
Internet (and rarely post resolution other than "I got rid of this piece
of junk and bought a ***), whereas API owners are more inclined to call
tech support, have their in-house tech take a look at it, or fix it

3. Because of build, quality, and lack of real engineering problems in
the late 1990s, around the time that Internet activity picked up, their
poor reputation lives on until eternity, or when the Internet gets
turned off, whichever happens first.


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