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Default Dynaco ST-35, A First


I sat on my fingers on this one for a while, but you are such a sad waste of air, food and space, and cannot resist making an utter fool of yourself. I am glad to help the process.

I will lay dollars to Krispy Kremes that you have never touched, seen or operated a Dynaco ST35 in your entire benighted little life. They are not common in the first place. And the odds of one making it to Australia are slim to none. Assuming that unlikely eventuality, the odds of you getting with 100 meters of such a device are equally slim.

As to my tube stash - it consists of several thousand tubes in a closet stored by type. Exotics are 'in the back'. When I have nothing better to do, I will dig down and get to them. Otherwise, I chose to experiment with what is right to-hand. Not a half-bad result, as it happens.

So, go on, keep festering in your own excrement - it seems to suit you.

Peter Wieck
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