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On 4/12/2020 4:26 pm, Trevor wrote:
> On 4/12/2020 7:08 am, geoff wrote:
>> On 2/12/2020 5:39 pm, ~misfit~ wrote:
>>> Rubber surrounds can last 50 years. However if they're stored and not used for a decade or so
>>> they'll go hard and brittle. Also UV light and/or excess heat will cause similar degradation.

>> The butyl on my B110s on LS3-5As after 'just' 40 years-ish.

> My B139's and B110's are still fine after 45 years. Hope they last a bit longer. :-)

The (butyl?) rubber surrounds on my Wharfedale Denton 2s 8" woofers are still supple. However the
(brown) glue has gone brittle and come away from the aluminium chassis. They never sounded great to
start with so I've not got around to fixing them but must do something with them soon, they're
taking up space and gathering dust.

I had some contemporary large 3-way floorstanding Wharfedales (the name of which escapes me right
now) with a 13" woofer. They'd been in storage for a decade when I bought them (deceased estate)
and the surrounds were rock hard. I tried everything I could think of to soften them again
including gentle heat, silicone oil and playing them at moderate volume for hours. None of that
helped so I started 'massaging' them and they started to slightly soften but ultimately shattered.

They were an on odd size so I couldn't get replacement surrounds. It was suggested by a
'professional' driver restorer that I get 15" surrounds and cut them down and join them but I
didn't fancy that.

Dovedale 3s! That's what they were called. I ended up selling the mid drivers and 'purple fried
egg' tweeters and got my money back but was disappointed that I never got to hear the speakers.

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