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Nobody at all has any idea?

I've have a pair of photos (under 100k each)... Take a look please...

....any ideas as to what it is and what the connector pinout is?


"Noozer" > wrote in message
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> I have a Blaupunkt unit from an Audi that I previously owned. I am trying

> determine the pinouts on the connectors of this unit. Unfortunately this

> an in dash unit with very few identifying marks. I'm hoping someone will

> able to shine some light on this...
> Back label shows "0439611" in small digits (which I believe is a serial
> number) followed by "8638710332" (which I believe is the model number)
> The top label has rubber stamped "831" on the warranty label . The

> label also has the number "8631120490" (which I believe is the part number
> for the warranty label.)
> The connectors found a
> - female Antenna jack
> - female 6 pin DIN connector
> - male 20 pin rectangular connector
> Any ideas???