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Default vandersteen 2ce signature speakers

Well it appears that I have a very mixed bag of what I call better than entry level gear w/ my speakers being my weak link. All speeks are in my living room and right now I have a set of JBL J2660s bookies,Infinity SM112S,Bose 601s resurrected w/ new foam surrounds redone cabinets w/ Olde Enlish and polish,and blacked out screen grills all running into a Niles SP-6 speaker selector.My amp is an Adcom gfa555, pre Onkyo P-301 and multiple sources.I spoke to many people and they guided me to look at and hear a pair of Vandersteens .These were wanut tops, clean socks,sounded great but were biwired for $1200 and change which does seem fair for their condition.I know the 112s are loud tinny and frat house type speakers and they will be gone the others I can live w/ so what's your opinion on the Vandersteen 2ce signatures....

Also how do I post sig on this site. I do have a laundry list of stuff but it all works fine.