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Default USB Midi vs audio interface MIDI

On 11/9/2016 9:53 PM, wrote:
> I have a Yamaha keyboard that I connect to the computer
> using a USB cable. I appears as its own MIDI device.
> I could also connect it via MIDI if I desired, going
> into the audio interface that I record with.
> Is there any reason to prefer one method over the other?
> Are the clocks that control the audio and the MIDI tied
> together in some way, or is it just the same as using the
> MIDI device through the USB cable?

Whether to use one or the other depends on the bigger picture of how
you're going to use them. As has been pointed out, the USB buss may have
other traffic on it that could affect timing.

If the "audio interface that you record with" provides other functions
that you use, such as an internal synth or use multi-midi channels, I'd
use that one for simplicity.

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