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Bill Pallies
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Default Eclipse CD8443

I don't understand. I have two external amps as it is, a 4-channel for the
speakers and a 2-channel for the sub. That uses all three preouts (Sub,
Rear, and Front). This still leaves the Line Out. I suppose it's just a
full-range, non-crossed-over, non fading output, but it suprises me that
this isn't referenced in the manual nor is it touted in the sales


"Ryan Richards (Diesel Breath)" > wrote in message
> > 2. There are 4 pairs of RCA connections on the back. Sub, Rear, and

> > plus a "Fixed Out". What's this for? The manual shows it in drawings but
> > never references it in text.

> They are "deadouts"... they are line level signal outs that would go to an
> external amplifier if you had one... Make sure you dont have one before
> installing the unit...
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> Ryan (