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Steve Grauman
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Default Eclipse CD8443

<< 1. There is a module, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, connected to
the rear of the unit. I don't see anywhere in the intruction manual what
this is for. Anyone? >>

I believe this has something to do with the Eclipse Commander Unit, but I'm not

<< Also, the other 3 pairs are labeled "IN/OUT" implying that they can act
as either pre-outs or inputs. Would these be used to connect some external
sound-processors? Just curious, not gonna ever use these as inputs I'm sure. >>

Again, I have to imagine this is related to the Commander and/or Eclipse's DSP
processor. I also know that Eclipse's in-dash 6 CD changer uses a digital
connection (letting the deck's DAC do the conversion work), and the single-line
digital connection it uses may require some kind of 2-way communication.