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Bill Pallies
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Default Eclipse CD8443

One more thing: Thanks, Steve. I guess I just had blinders on when
originally shopping for my HU, never noticing the 8443. I would never have
used the extra features on the 8053 anyway, so you saved me ~$100.


"Bill Pallies" > wrote in message
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> I just bought the CD8443 tonight and will probably install it this

> I've got a few questions...
> 1. There is a module, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, connected to
> the rear of the unit. I don't see anywhere in the intruction manual what
> this is for. Anyone?
> 2. There are 4 pairs of RCA connections on the back. Sub, Rear, and Front
> plus a "Fixed Out". What's this for? The manual shows it in drawings but
> never references it in text.
> 3. Also, the other 3 pairs are labeled "IN/OUT" implying that they can act
> as either pre-outs or inputs. Would these be used to connect some external
> sound-processors? Just curious, not gonna ever use these as inputs I'm

> I haven't even dropped this unit in yet and I'm already very pleased with
> it.
> Thanks
> -Bill