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Default "convert" antenna for clock radio?

In >, on 03/09/04
at 10:59 PM, user > said:

>Possible to convert/translate/connect the single wire
>"antenna" of my clock radio to a "regular" antenna
>of any sort?

Does the original antenna attach to a connector of some sort? If so, is
there any mention of "75" or "300"? If there are two screws and a
mention of "300", then you could connect a pair of rabbit ears to those

You will achieve best antenna performance if you pick an antenna that
matches your radio's "75" or "300" (the most common choices), However
.... One point to consider is that the clock radio performance is
marginal at best. If you succeded at properly connecting a good
antenna, the radio may be overloaded and misbehave. (there won't be any
physical damage, but, overall, you could be worse off than you are now)

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