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Default Is there way to convince Mac’s Audio MIDI Setup p

I asked this in comp.sys.mac. misc but I just thought somebody in
rec.audo.high-end might have a solution.

I have 6600 tracks encoded at 192kHz with Pure Vinyl and bookmarked in
iTunes. I have a DAC that can accept a 192kHz signal and downsample it
to its native rate of 96kHz, BUT the DAC shows up in AMS as 96kHz. Pure
Music sees this and downsamples the signal to 96kHz. HOWEVER, for
reasons known only to Rob Robinson, a downsampled signal can only be
played from disk and a bookmark can only be played from memory. Hence,

At this point there is no way to get the DAC to say it is 192kHz and the
only idea I have is to convince AMS the DAC can accept 192kHz even tho
it seems as if it can’t. Does anybody know of a way to do that?