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Default Shure M91ED Phono Cartridge Specs

'Old' is a good description. I bought one in the late 70's (anyone else
remember disco?).
But old can still be good. This is a great sounding cartridge. I also saved
the ORIGINAL instruction sheet which has been scanned and FTP'd to my web
site (under big construction). If the following lines don't show up as links
in this reply, just paste them into the address line of your browser. Right
click on each image and save them to your hard drive.

Happy listening,
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>"Arthur Dunger" > wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm going to resurrect my old Shure M91ED phono cartridge. Surprisingly I
> can't seem to find much technical info about it. I would be grateful if
> someone could help me with:
> - Recommended Load Capacitance
> - Tracking Force (Range and Typical); IIRC 1.5g was OK
> Any other snippets would be nice to know too eg. output level (mV @ 1kHz,
> 5cm/sec) and inductance.
> Anyone know of a site which has database of cartridge info?
> Thanks in advance for any help
> Rob