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Default Pioneer speakers - D vs A series?

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> Well, the Kapa's do sound incredibly great, I installed some in my
> friends car, and you can wire them together in series to get them to 4
> ohm impedance, or at lease thats what I did. My brother advised me to
> do that instead of the 2 ohm its rated.

Wiring voice coils of non-physically-coupled drivers is not a very good
idea. It won't *hurt* anything, but it is suboptimal. Aside from the
drivers interacting with one another on the circuit, you also have the
distinct disadvantage of not knowing which speaker has failed when the
entire side of your car has gone mute.

The only time a series-wiring of voice coils should be done is when the
VC are physically coupled by either:

1. Being on wrapped around the same voice coil former (i.e. a DVC
subwoofer), or

2. In an isobarically-loaded system

But yeah, using a 2 Ohm speaker on a head unit is a *bad* idea. Stay
away, unless you really want to let the magic smoke out of your HU. My
suggestion would be to pick a 4 Ohm speaker instead.

The following tutorials will hopefully shed some more light on the
wiring situation; they're about subwoofers, but the same principles
apply to higher-band drivers as well:

Subwoofer Wiring Tutorial:

DVC Tutorial: