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Default Pioneer speakers - D vs A series?

I'm looking to replace the stock rear speakers in my Toyota truck, and
the 6.75 inch Pioneers should be a direct replacement. Prices are
similar for the A-Series and the supposedly "premier" D-Series, does
anyone know if the D-series are better then (or as good as) the A? Are
the A-series speakers good?

My local stores only had the G-series Pioneers to try out, I thought
they were OK, nothing spectacular. I liked the Alpine S-Type, but they
won't fit my truck. Didn't like the Infinity Reference, bass sounded
weak and highs were too shrill. Infinity Kappa's sounded good, but I'm
hesitant to install 2 Ohm speakers when my HU is rated for 4-8 Ohms.

Any advice would be appreciated.