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Kurt Albershardt
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Default FM radio antenna height for car... ?

dt king wrote:

> "Scott Dorsey" > wrote in message
> ...
>> WideGlide > wrote:
>> Anyway, you could trim it down. Or you could stop at your local
>> truckstop
>> and get a wound fibreglass FM antenna that will be shorter AND give you
>> better reception.

> Good chance to pick up a new CB radio, extra large belt buckle, ball cap,
> and one of those salted pecan rolls, too.
> Love those nut rolls.

I got a really nice DC microwave (and one for a friend) there a couple
years back. Saved me buying an inverter and kept me 60Hz-free in my
camper. Of course most popup truck campers can't handle the 72A draw
very well, but I've got batteries taking up the space where I left out