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> skrev i en meddelelse

> Geof
> Thanks for the links, but all those devices have attenuations
> in the 20-40 db range, I'm looking for 3-6 db, and easily
> activated while standing in front of a mic.

You asked for 10 dB at first, so you must have listened, thanks. Surely you
have better control over your playing fortitude than to need assistance with
the difference between a mf and a single f? - surely you take your solo to a

> Regarding your comments on how the musical world should
> ideally be, I have no control over what others do,

You really really need to go to some chamber music concerts or other
concerts that are not amplified in any way or even simply listening to some
78 rpm records or go to a proper bluegrass concert. Just as you make way for
other people playing a solo then you could try trusting your fellow ensemble
partners making way for your solo.

> so as a practical matter I need to do what works when I am asked
> to fill in with a band.

The terse comment is: be a member of it. If you want to fight your solo to
the front when you want to play a solo by owerpowering, then you are not a
member of a band nor a good teammate. Like in city traffic: negotiate you
way and use the openings you are given. Be a part of the teamwork and
provide a good show to the audience.

> Bob

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Peter Larsen