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Default Seperates in general.....

I have used MANY different models of seperates as my front stage over the
last 20 years. I have used Boston Accoustic Pro series, MB Quart Refference
Premium series, JL seperates, Alpine Type R seperates, Infinity seperates,
and have experimented with many different home speakers, mainly tweeters
(like Advent, McIntosh, JBL and several others I can't think of at the
moment) as midbass drivers designed for home speakers NEVER work well in a
car door as midbass drivers designed for the car have MUCH stiffer
suspensions as they are always designed to work in an infinate baffle
environemnt as you never know what size door the speaker is going in OR how
SEALED the door is, therefore they MUST have stiff suspensions as you CANNOT
count on the air behind the speaker acting as an accoustic spring, like in a
home speaker, whether Accoustic Suspension or Bass Reflex designed home

Anyway, I LOVE the speakers I have now, a pair of Alpine Type R 6.5" midbass
drivers and a pair of Infinity Kappa C.M.M.D. dome tweeters. To my ears,
they are the BEST sounding front stage I have EVER heard and can handle a
TREMENDOUS amount of power, in fact those Alpine drivers NEED a ton of
power. As I've said before, I can turn my subs off and the midbass drivers
in the front doors can produce PRODIGIOUS bass in the 50-80Hz range making
it difficult for passengers to even tell I have turned my subs off.

The point is, I see these $1700 Focal K2 series speakers and I think to
myself I have spent $550 for a set of MB Quarts and $400 for a set of BA
seperates yet what I have now BLOW those away at a considerably cheaper
price ($200 for the Alpine's, $80 for the Infinity Kappa Tweets, yes, I use
a mixed set for my front stage, both sides bi-amped).

The question I have is are they REALLY worth it? Are they really going to
improve my sound by $1000+? I have NOT ever heard a set of Focal K2 (though
I have heard other Focal models and thought they sounded good, not earth
shattering, but pretty darn good).

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has the K2 Focal series and if they are
REALLY worth it. What I mean by that is if anyone has those, what have they
used in the past and how do they stack up?

I guess I pose this question as I feel like there is virtually no way I can
imagine my front stage being any better, and I use some of the very best
home speakers money can buy some of my friends own (I have a very good set
of Michael Green Designs tower speakers, but I have friends with
significanttly more expensive and better sounding speakers). Yet, as
wonderful as some of these speakers sound, I ALWAYS come back to my car's
front stage and think, " Wow, these kick-ass and blow me away".

I suppose I can imagine EVEN MORE bass capability with a 6.5". I mean, is
there a limit? No. I want as much power handling capability and SPL and
clarity in that crucial 80Hz-200Hz range.

But would I get $1000 worth of increased midbass? I seriously doubt it,
these Alpine Type R's are AMAZING with incredible excursion capability and a
stiff, carbon fiber cone.

Anyway, just curious. I guess I really want to know what $1700 worth of
front stage can get you?