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Default [CM] Headphones -> Hearing aids

On 2017-04-21 11:12 AM, Dan Espen wrote:
> Trevor > writes:
> Anyone with hearing loss would do well to continue with annual
> hearing evaluations.
> My audiologist uses some Windows based software to access the
> hearing aids, I'd like a copy, and I don't buy any safety arguments.
> But I don't know how to analyze the results of a hearing test and
> convert that into hearing aid settings. I'm not upset that I don't
> have the software. It's probably just as well.

I got copies of the profiles that my audiologist created for my hearing
aids. I programmed them into the audio system that my laptop uses. It
meant that when I used Skype for telephone calls with minimal adjustment
I got very good audio compensation for my hearing loss. With headphones
to cut out outside noise this worked well.

One thing I was convinced of was my audiologist knew a lot more about
hearing compensation than I ever would. The hearing aids I have can deal
with frequency shifting as well as frequency gain profiles. In a real
world environment it is all about many levels of compromise.

My hearing aids have a half dozen environment profiles so that I can
select application code in them to cover the situation. Ears can be
handled separately or the hearing aids can auto correlate the sound from
the direction I am looking. Telephone app in the hearing aids will
create audio in both ears from sound picked up from the receiver against
one ear and profile gains to deal with the audio profile of the
telephone. There is wireless communication between the ears (that can
also have a third source)