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On Sunday, October 27, 2019 at 8:55:36 AM UTC-5, Scott Dorsey wrote:
> Bob Simon > wrote:
> >I bought the Jensen ISOMAX years ago because I was told it would eliminate =
> >the cable ground issue. Apparently, it isn't. Do you have any idea why no=
> >t?

> Maybe you have a different issue. Disconnect the cable. Does the hum stop?
> If so, it's not the cable.
> The isolation transformer should effectively stop any ground loop through the
> cable system. But test it and make sure.
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Thanks! You were right! It had nothing to do with the cable feed. Following your advice to draw all the connections enabled me to identify the root cause.

I had forgotten that there is a high-level connection from the amp's main (speaker) outs to a powered subwoofer which was plugged into a different circuit. When I used a 3-wire extension cord to plug the sub into the power strip for the rest of the system, the hum was reduced to a very low level. Now I have to figure out how to route an extension cord across the room in a way that my wife can tolerate. As an alternative, I wonder if an affordable power isolator exists for this type of issue so I won't need an extension cord (which adds resistance). Are you aware of something suitable?