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Default Need better FLAC player, fast start, low cpu overhead and good playlist.

I stumbled upon foobar2000.

I am impressed by it.

It's simple and yet powerfull can do all sorts of things, especially via plugins.

It's playlist feature could still be better but for now it's a small improvement over VCL media player, maybe even large... cause of stupid vcl media permission issues in windows folders which is main reason why I want something else.

I highly recommend all audiophiles to give foobar2000 a try... especially for dsd/dts/sacd discs =D

Which are sony's/philips super audio cd's ! =D

I tried "return of the pink panther" iso and was amazed by it ! =D

There are plugins for sacd iso's and asio drivers and such.

Interesting stuff.

Bye for now,