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Default Cassette Deck Azimuth Adjustment

On 10/2/2010 9:06 PM ChrisCoaster spake thus:

> In the absence of voltmeters and removing the grounds of headphones to
> get a positive L-R, are there certain pre-recorded cassette labels
> that are better than others for obtaining a *reasonably* well aligned
> tape head that will play at least 90% of my tapes properly? Of course
> I know NEVER to use a blank cassette recorded on at HOME to align a
> deck. Better to use a barely or never played recently purchased
> album on cassette.
> Which labels tend to produce the most consistently accurate cassettes
> - A&M records, Sony, BMI, Capital, Geffen, Rhino, or others?

My question would be "are any of those any good at all?" (for your
stated purpose), considering that the copies are made on high-speed
duplicating equipment.

Shouldn't you be looking for some kind of standard alignment cassette
(assuming availability and budget)?

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