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Default JVC RX-515V Receiver - Blown Center Channel

The latest:

I've discovered that I can get center channel - for a while -
by moving the speaker wire around in the center ch
connector on the receiver. Last night I stripped off an
extra long length of wire, so as to bend it over to double
the thickness.

That worked - last night. This morning I turned it back on,
and got center for about ten minutes before it cut out again.
I fiddled with it some more, and discovered that by having the
speaker wire(16AWG by the way) *barely in* the connecting
terminal, with the locking tab left up, I get center pretty
consistently. If I pushed the positive in all the way - NO
center. If I jiggled it - intermittent center. So we'll
see how long it produces center with the positive barely hanging
in there. Different times of day, the center works, other times,

My original RX-515, which is still in my cellar, is definitely blown
center, at the component level. No amount of jiggling or
doubling over the copper strands is gonna pass sound through
the center speaker with that thing.

And the sad part of all this is JVC is OUT of the home audio
business! Here they had a great mid-price surround-sound
receiver for mid-1990s, ample power, connections for TWO
tape loops(great because I have an EQ on one and my
tape deck on another), and a phono input.

I couldn't give two ****s about HDMI inputs, bluetooth, and X.1
digital surround if I can't hook all of my analog gear up to it!!

So I'm going to buy every remaining RX-515V out
there, at least just for parts interchangeability.