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Default Old Mackie CR 1604 vlz .... ribbon cable problems?

On 3/11/2018 4:16 PM, Ron C wrote:
> The desk I normally use for my Halloween stuff seems to have been
> taken out by one of my cats. [Long uninteresting story]
> Anyway, I pulled out my old Mackie CR 1604 vlz to fill in.
> Seems that board suffers from that ribbon cable oxidation
> problem that I seem to recall was common to them.
> Two questions:
> [1] Can I still get replacement ribbon cables for that board?
> ( ...and if so , where? )
> [2] I'm thinking about getting a Mackie ProFX16v2 to fill in
> for the dead desk and the sick CR 1604...
> Has Mackie solved the ribbon cable problem in the new board?
> ~~
> Note: I'm mostly retired from sound stuff, and just do simple
> hobby level holiday stuff.

If the problem is tarnishing of header plugs/sockets, a squirt of Caig
Deoxit and a few in-out insertions should fix it.