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Default Is there way to convince Mac’s Audio MIDI S

On 10/6/18 11:10 AM, Robert Peirce wrote:
> I have 6600 tracks encoded at 192kHz with Pure Vinyl and bookmarked in
> iTunes.** I have a DAC that can accept a 192kHz signal and downsample it
> to its native rate of 96kHz, BUT the DAC shows up in AMS as 96kHz.* Pure
> Music sees this and downsamples the signal to 96kHz.* HOWEVER, for
> reasons known only to Rob Robinson, a downsampled signal can only be
> played from disk and a bookmark can only be played from memory.* Hence,
> nothing!

This works but it is hardly obvious. I created an aggregate device in
Audio MIDI Setup that contains both DACs. I made the 192kHz DAC the
Clock source and set it to 192kHz. I made the 96kHz DAC the output DAC.
I made the aggregate the output in Pure Music’s audio setup.

I am not a software guru so I’m only guessing but I think the 192kHz DAC
is telling Pure Music it is okay to send the audio aggregate a 192kHz
signal and that signal is being sent to the 96kHz DAC, which is capable
of playing 192kHz signals if you can get them to it. I have searched
the internet and can find no explanation of how audio aggregates
actually work, so this is pure guess-work.