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Default Radio cutting out

As of yesterday my silly friend was impressed and decided to turn my stereo setup all the way up and it has cause issues on my setupe all of the sudden.

Now whenever i turn it on to listen to music it will play in any mode. Bluetooth, fm, am, ipod etc. For about 10 seconds and cut out tfor about 20 and just repeats this continuously regardless of volume.

I have a kenwood dpx 500 bluetooth running signal to an alpine pdx v9 which is running 4 kicker 4oh coaxial speakers using 16 gauge wire and one sundown audio subwoofer wired for 4 ohms.

I have two batteries (for accessories) so battery should not be an issue. And I am using all solid copper wiring. I did the math and everything. Basic physics and stuff.

Can anyone help me on where to even start on troubleshooting this?

Thanks for your time!