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Default 12" passive radiator replacement?

On Mon, 6 Jan 2020 12:58:46 -0800 (PST), nickbatz
> wrote:

>Speaking of Mike's AR speakers, my theory is that big - with big boxes - ported speakers (including passive radiator designs) are capable of producing a more natural-sounding low end than sealed/acoustic suspension ones.
>That's the main thing I like about my UREI monitors, warts and all: the low end just sounds overwhelmingly right. I suspect it has to do with acoustic compression making smaller speakers sound more like the sound is coming from a box.Maybe it's more than just the low end, it could be the lower mids too.
>Now, I also have a Blue Sky System One setup - two sealed sats + a sub. They're much better for working on, and the sub goes all the way down. And they're really good, and nice to listen to.
>But I can't help thinking that even though the NFM concept has been unquestioned for at least 40 years, there's still something you can only get from big-ass monitors.

I have decent large-ish sonus-faber speakers for mains and a 50 cubic
foot sub with a 15 inch Adire driver in it. That makes for very
relaxed bottom end, particularly as it is all integrated with
Sonarworks, which is so far the only software I know that measures
multiple (37) points in the room so it doesn't try to correct moding