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Default 12" passive radiator replacement?

On Monday, January 6, 2020 at 7:35:21 AM UTC-8, Mike Rivers wrote:

> I really wish I could be more selective and brutal about what I keep.

We had rats in the garage two summers ago, which - because they're prolific - meant that everything in there had to be taken out and cleaned before being put back.

It took me and three other big guys a very long day, and I filled an entire construction trailer all the way up - you know, maybe 8' x 15' x 8' high - plus the back of the big pickup truck that hauled it - with 25 years of clutter.

Among my favorite throwings away were broken cassette decks, some old computers, two broken stereo receivers, one broken amp, some old printers, and my absolute favorite: three @#$)(@#$!!! laser printers (two to cannibalize for parts for the first) that invariably ended up with paper thrown away and toner all over the place.

I still have boxes of cables I'll never use. Who knows what's in all the cartons I didn't take the time to go through. Probably a couple of useful things.

But I'll either fix these speakers or get rid of them. They're too big to pile in the garage.