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> 1:48 PM Adrian Tuddenham:
> LOL you must be from the old school when in-store music was elevator-type!

No, I thoroughly dislike unnecessary music of any type and loathe being
distracted by advertisments.

My local supermarket was singled out to be fitted with this abomination
a couple of years ago and I complained to the manager. During a survey
of customers, I expressed my dislike of it and explaind, as forcefully
as I could without being abusive, that it was distracting me, so that
when I got home I realised I hadn't bought half the things I had
intended to. It was so unpleasant that just couldn't wait to get out of
the place.

At first, it was only used during the daytime, so I changed my shopping
time to the evenings. Then they started playing the racket the whole
time the shop was open, so I have stopped shopping there altogether and
transferred my custom to a quieter supermarket a mile away.

~ Adrian Tuddenham ~
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