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Stephen Boyke
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Default 16 bit vs 24 bit, 44.1khz vs 48 khz <-- please explain

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wrote on 11/15/03 7:50 AM:

> Ok, so I understand that 44.1k is 44,100 samples per second and 48k is
> 48,000 samples per second. Obviously 48,000 is better. I'm not exactly
> sure what bit rate is though? CDs are 16 bit, DVDs are 24. What exactly
> does that mean though?
> Another question - if I'm recording a project to audio CD, is it better to
> just record at 16/44 since that's what the CD will be anyway, and I can save
> system resources? or should I do 24/48 and then dither it down, essentially
> changing what I originally heard? I read in the ProTools book by Berklee
> Press that its best to record on LE using 24/44 since you won't hear much
> difference between the 48k and 44.1k. Any insights into this?

Definitely record at 24 bits, even if your eventual target media is 16
bit. There's a debate as to whether to record at 48k if your target end
media is 44.1k. Some say yes, some say no. If you have 88.2k and 96k
recording capabilities, (I think) all say record at 88.2k if your target
media is 44.1k.
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