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Default Radio reception worse than factory radio, antenna adapter?

If you have the small black "Fuba" antenna on the roof then it needs a 5vdc
input (usually fed thru the antenna cable from the head unit) for AM signal
amplification. These antennas have a habit of blowing the amplifier and the
requisite symptom is a total loss of AM signal and weak FM reception. This
is usually caused by corrosion at the base of the antenna (also the ground)
nesessating the replacement of the antenna or as a preemptive measure
replacement of the rubber gasket at the base of the antenna.This is usually
available as a kit from your stealership parts dept. VW/Audis have this and
when you get an aftermarket stereo you need an adapter that has a lead that
comes off the side that you have to connect to the "blue" amplifier/power
antenna turn on lead that comes off the stereo connector. That other
non-standard connector may be the 5vdc input or a separate AM antenna lead.
My guess would be the 5vdc input to the antenna.

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