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On 26/04/2017 12:33 AM, Julian Macassey wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Apr 2017 22:04:55 +1000, Trevor > wrote:
>>>>> not be prevented from phoning home if it has a net connection. I
>>>>> assume that it could with an agressively programmed router.
>>>> Or simple settings in Windows itself. Whilst MS don't make it too easy,
>>>> and your admin friend is obviously not that clued in, it is not really
>>>> that hard. Much harder to stop many smart TV's etc!
>>> So, what are these settings that you seem to be clued
>>> into. Obviously if you can stop Windows 10 from phoning home, we
>>> should all know how to do this.

>> Most people already know how to use the internet to find this sort of
>> thing. The rest probably aren't worried.

> How helpful of you.
> Could it be that you yourself don't actually know how to
> stop Windows 10 from phoning home? Yes, I know you can select
> some things. I'm talking about no phoning home.

Or could it be that you don't know how to use Google and need someone to
hold your hand for you? I have better things to do. If you think it
can't be done, fine by me.