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On 26/04/2015 2:42 a.m., wrote:
> Geof Thanks for the links, but all those devices have attenuations in
> the 20-40 db range,

A simple change of 2 or 4 resistors.

> I'm looking for 3-6 db, and easily activated
> while standing in front of a mic.

Easier still to simple blow a little harder. Or to be playing a little
softer beforehand. And you are only talking about a little.

> Regarding your comments on how the musical world should ideally be, I
> have no control over what others do, so as a practical matter I need
> to do what works when I am asked to fill in with a band. I take it
> you are not an active musician yourself?

Active yes, professional (musician) no, unless you call some basic
backing tracks 'pro'. But with my producer hat on I think I know what
to request from, or suggest to musicians who I am working with. And that
is usually to address the problem in the performance rather than with