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Originally Posted by eug k View Post

Does anyone know the pinouts of JVC's J-Link connector?
JVC wants $107.50 for the KS-U57 line-input adaptor which
really sounds absurd.

Is there a little preamp in the box, or is it there to
make it look expensive?

Ok, two part answer:
1. I have a 'generic' KS-U57 ($7 on ebay) that has the same black box--except I cracked the black box open and found that it is empty (only contains soldered connections). I imagine that the authentic JVC is the same (as you suggested--allows them to charge 100 times more than it's worth). I experience no engine noise due to the generic KS-U57.

2. There's nothing to the pinout--look 'inside' the connector and you'll see three metal contacts close the metal connector (somewhat similar design as a USB jack). The center is common for the line out, and the left/right are the positive for the left and right channels. The metal connector itself is not part of the circuit.

So if you were connecting RCA jacks to it, the outer ('negative') of both RCAs connects to the center contact on the KS-U57, and the center ('positive,' or 'signal') of the left and right RCAs go to the contacts bracketing the center.
KS-U58 and KS-U57 are wired the same.