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Default 7.2 A/V _Preamp_

geoff > writes:

> On 5/08/2017 7:59 PM, Trevor wrote:
>> On 5/08/2017 11:54 AM, Randy Yates wrote:
>>> Wow, active group these days....

>> Yep not too active, but probably a few like me who saw your post and
>> have no idea of any devices that fit your requirements. I can only
>> say I'd agree with your comment, "a bit of a rare bird". Probably
>> not a big enough market. Most people just buy a sound bar these
>> days, or a full HT receiver.

> As I found. Needed a sound-bar because these latest ultra-thin TV seem
> to have sound so tinny that it is pretty much unlistenable. And
> firing up the stereo hook-up is too much hassle for 'everyday'
> viewing. I save the stereo for 'special ' events.
> But 7.2 , why ? Why not 11-6 or 15.9 ? Or maybe just 8 for real 3D.

Because that's the current standard? Except for this Dolby Atmos thingie

Actually I've been existing just fine for 50 years on 2.0, including my
home theater room. Plain old stereo works pretty good when the audio
system is powerful, clean, and wide-range (the Klipschorns go reasonably
well down to 30 Hz).

At this point I've given up on a prebuilt unit and am leaning towards a
PC-based system. I am thinking of using something like this for the

I'll start with one box (two outputs) and add more if needed.

The question of the type of PC is currently a big issue. I've considered units
like this fanless PC

or just a plain laptop so that I can have the system in the theater and
not have to deal with some sort of USB and HDMI extender, but I'm also
attracted to the idea of a full-power desktop to provide plenty of
storage and a PCI-e bus for a powerful 4K graphics card like the Nvidia
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