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Default Anybody having same problems with Behringer mixers?

On 7/12/2017 12:16 PM, Scott Dorsey wrote:
> In article >, Trevor > wrote:
>> None are terrible IME, BUT the number of users who have NO idea about
>> gain staging IS a problem. :-(
>> I'll bet the OP falls into that category.

> Well, that's the nice thing about better consoles, you don't have to be so
> careful about gain staging. On an old Neve, you just pot everything more
> or less up in the right ballpark and it sounds fine. It's not like working
> on a Mackie where you have to juggle the trims and the mains because the
> trims change the tonality and you have to keep a constant eye on the buss
> levels (and mute unused channels). On a good console you can spend your
> time worrying about how the music sounds and less time babying the gain
> structure on each strip.

Thanks for the laugh Scott, comparing a Behringer to a Neve! I would be
very happy if 'babying the gain" was all I needed to do for the same
level of performance! :-)
But you are right about the old Mackies, a lot more critical than
Behringer IME, and dearer to boot.