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Default Anybody having same problems with Behringer mixers?

On 07-12-2017 01:50, Phil Allison wrote:

> Peter Larsen Man from Mars wrote:

>>> Fine for d j or live mixes where the crowd volume is high.

>> No no no no no and utter NO, in that very context signal to noise ratio
>> is extremely important,

> ** Calm down Pete, you are raving like some usenet / social media nutter.

Hey, I resent that, I didn't ALLCAP, right? ... O;-)

>> you do not get away with noisy electronics in
>> live audio,

> ** Of course you do.

> Crowd noise in venue where alcohol is served can exceed 90dBA.

Not all live audio takes place in bars with drunk audiences. And if it
does, then listener to loudspeaker distance is tinnitussaly short
causing electronics noise to be very audible even for those of modest
sobriety. But perhaps not after the guitar solo ...

> But maybe not on planet Mars where you live.

Nice to hear from you anyway, have a nice day Phil!

> ..... Phil

Kind regards

Peter Larsen