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Alright. If your neons didnt already come with a sound modulator
(underbody, or Interior neons regaurdless) You can go to your local
instalation, custom shop, and buy a modulator that will pick up ONLY
the bass vibrations of your audio system. With no subs you'll have to
set the sensitivity high, which may cause them to go off if somthing
else impacts them more than your little fac. system. Also this can be
quite expensive if you dont do it yourself. the modulator has to be
wired to the positive wire entering every neon on the car. This is done
by snipping each line going to each neon, reconecting the negitive
directly, then running a line from the now cut incoming power line to
the in sorce of the modulator, and from the out sorce of the modulator
back to the neon's incoming positive power line. A shortcut (depending
on how you power these)
might work by taking the incoming sorce powerline from your battery and
running it from your battery to the incoming sorce of your modulator
and then back to the power sorce wires for the neons. Make sure you
have enough wire to run from the battery to the inside of your car
(this is where you want to put the modulator, preferably in the back
somewhere close, about a foot away, from your speaker, mounted in the
trunk in the center of your 6 by 9s is the ideal location) then you
still need enough wire to run your output from the modulator to the
main power line of the neons. ---- then adjust your sensitivity (there
will be a nob) to where the neons only come on when there is a drum
beat or a bass roll. There are lots of other ways to do this if you
had a decent amp. then you can get the neons to do all kinds of tricks
but thats for another day. and it wont work hooking it up to your deck
then the neons will come on every time you turn your sterio on and
wont blink or shut off unless your sterio is off. if you need
anything else or a diagram on a few neon hookup tricks I'll give you
my e-mail. Please dont missuse it, but if you didnt understand this
gimme a holler. If you see it in picture form it will seem so easy!!

p.s. around here I can normaly add on about 50$ for this. Depending on
the person Im doing it for, and takeing my time to wire it up the long
way putting a fuse on every line (not recomended for you to do, it will
cause you major headache, because this requires special fuses and fuse

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