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Phillip February 7th 06 07:14 PM

Reducing V-sampler latency?
So I just got this Steinway sample for V-sampler....however they is very
noticeable delay from the time I press a key on my keyboard to when the
sound comes out. How can I fix this from happening? I have an Athlon
1700XP, 512 Megs Ram, Windows 2000, Sonar 4 PE.


Phillip S.
~Pilot, Aircraft Dispatcher, and Audio Newbie Extraordinaire!

Tom Frank February 8th 06 05:14 PM

Reducing V-sampler latency?
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Are you running V-sampler as a plugin in Sonar instead of standalone?
If so, you need to adjust Sonar's latency, and be using a low latency
driver mode--WDM or ASIO. Set your soundcard's audio buffers to a
smaller setting and if using WDM, move the latency slider to a lower

In my Sonar 4PE (which you mentioned you have) manual, p.637-638 talks
about this. Or look up latency in the help and Audio Options

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