View Full Version : CARVER 5-disc CD Player, $129

Ken Drescher
July 11th 03, 01:36 PM
Carver SD/A 360 5-disc CD Player, $129

Image: http://members.aol.com/KDresch/sda360.html

From one of the most brillant audio designers in the industry, Bob Carver.
5-disc, 3-beam, 1-Bit DAC, Coaxial Digital Output. This deck looks great with
rack mount style panel with handles. It plays beautifully with a nice rich
sound. Excellent cosmetics. The forward button won't work. No remote. Carver
offered this piece from 1993-96 for $600. 2003 Orion Retail Bluebook has it
valued close to $300. Your bargain for only $129 plus shipping. (15lbs net,
23lbs gross)

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